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Coaching Explained


Coaching is a series of individual sessions using a method of directed conversation to help people solve problems, overcome challenges and achieve their greatest goals in their personal life, career or business. The goal is to develop an action plan for success and carry it out over a short term or a longer term depending on the need. Coaching helps people find blind spots and eliminate negative thoughts and habits. You will explore underlying causes to problems and create a plan to overcome them. A coach is an objective brainstorming partner that will help to organize ideas, priorities, and select a clear direction for your life.

Here’s what you can expect during a coaching session


We will meet 1 on 1 in person, over the phone or through online conversation software. Sometimes this may be available in a group setting.

We start off by scheduling your free 1 hour introductory meeting. Here we begin to set the stage for the relationship. We look into and discover what the challenges you are currently facing are. Determine if it’s a good fit and create an agreement on what would be the outcomes that can be expected.

In subsequent sessions through active listening, powerful questioning and direct communication we will continue to explore deeper into discovering your blocks and creating awareness to what holds you back. From there we can work together to create a plan for your success and support you in achieving your goal. 

Here’s what you can achieve for your life from coaching


The purpose is to assist you in maximizing your personal and professional potential. We do this by taking you through a process that will challenge your thinking and the current status quo in your life and help you to develop a plan that will launch you into the new reality that you will create for yourself.

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