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Anthony Florendo

I have a successful independent Financial Services practice and for several months now I have benefited from the business consulting of Mr. Claude Rodrigues of CT Consulting. Having had prior senior management roles in top corporations and having studied MBA at the Graduate School of Business & Economics of the De La Salle University I have found it dependably frustrating to deal with company-provided business consultants who often do not possess significant business insights or business creativity. I was thoroughly impressed with Claude from our very first meeting. His business acumen and business insights are almost at a superpower level. He is a GAME CHANGER in my business. I now require my business partner to also be coached by Claude if I am to keep her as a business partner. I am a raving fan of Mr. Claude Rodrigues and I hope none of my friendly competitors ever learn of him.


Jessica A.

Lucy is an amazing facilitator. She was high energy, funny and engaging. She organized the learning in a way that I could understand and I was able to develop a deeper bond with my co-workers.


Ahmed S.
Jonathan W.

I was asked by my boss to attend the training so I was a bit hesitant at first. The trainers blew me away and I left with tools that I was able to implement the very next day.


Suzanne G.

I did the suicide intervention training and now I feel empowered to make a difference in supporting people at risk.


Leroy A.

Life just wasn't working and I was angry at the world. Claude's calm and gentle nature helped me to find my peace and put me on my path to a new life.


Thank you for motivating and inspiring me and helping me to better understand myself. You challenged my thinking and expanded who I am.


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